Cloud9 win coaching staff of the split award for 2021 LCS Spring Split

The best team in the LCS had the best coaching staff in the league.

Photo via Riot Games

After a dominant 2021 LCS Spring Split, Cloud9’s League of Legends team has earned yet another award for their great performance. This time, their coaching staff is being heralded as the best in the league for the season, Riot Games announced today.

Three players from C9’s star-studded roster recently took home first-team All-Pro awards. And now, the collective unit of head coach Reignover, strategic coach Mithy, and assistant coaches Westrice, Max Waldo, and Marius Aune has won this spring’s coaching award after leading C9’s LCS team to another successful split.

At the end of last year, C9 made a huge change to its coaching staff by dropping longtime head coach Reapered due to the team’s disappointing finish to the 2020 Summer Split. In the span of a season, the team went from the most dominant roster in the league to missing the World Championship.

In addition to overhauling its coaching staff, C9 made a huge roster swap by acquiring superstar European mid laner Perkz for the 2021 season. The coaching staff had plenty of superpowered tools to work with, but they still had to deal with some bumps along the way. They had to find a way to adjust the team’s playstyle around Perkz while also helping rookie top laner Fudge in his LCS debut.

Ultimately, C9 showed off an incredible amount of firepower and cohesion this split that couldn’t have been possible without a great cast of coaches to guide them behind the scenes. Now, their biggest test of the season will be coming up with their next best-of-five against Team Liquid, who are coming off of a decisive series against TSM in the playoffs.

You can catch all the action when C9 and Liquid clash on Sunday, April 4.

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