Cloud9 goes undefeated on day 2 of Worlds 2021 after dominant victory over Galatasaray Esports

NA's third seed are looking pretty promising.

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

North American League of Legends fans will be happy to know that the LCS is still undefeated at the 2021 World Championship after the second day of the tournament. Cloud9 have performed well so far and are now 3-0 with wins against Beyond Gaming, DetonatioN FocusMe, and the TCL’s Galatasaray Esports.

The NA representatives were coming into this series against Galatasaray with a ton of momentum after winning their last two matches in dominant fashion. The squad has looked more coordinated over the past two days than they did in the 2021 LCS Summer Split playoffs—and they didn’t slow down today.

Although C9 made a few mistakes with their positioning that led to some avoidable deaths, the roster had multiple bright moments for key players, including a stellar game from the team’s young jungler, Blaber. The 21-year-old led the way with seven kills, 10 assists, and only two deaths on Taliyah. He roamed around the map and put pressure on multiple lanes with his ultimate ability, Weaver’s Wall.

Galatasaray, on the other hand, have lost a ton of momentum after their scorching hot start on day one. They put Group B on notice with two quick wins against Unicorns of Love and Beyond, but they didn’t look nearly as headstrong in their matches against arguably the two best teams in the group so far.

With only one more match against Unicorns of Love left, C9 look poised to take first place in Group B before the start of the play-in knockout stage. This is important since taking first would mean they’d automatically qualify for the main event’s group stage.

You can catch all the action when the third day of Worlds 2021 begins tomorrow at 6am CT.

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