Cloud9 to play TSM in throwback LCS showmatch on July 10

The classic tale.

Photo via Riot Games

Two of the best North American teams in League of Legends are set to go head to head for a special throwback match. 

TSM will face off against Cloud9 on July 10 in a special showmatch featuring “iconic” players from both organizations. This match will be played a day before the two face off once more with their current rosters in the LCS. 

The rosters, which are set to be revealed next week, will likely include some big names in TSM and C9’s history.  

Fans have started to predict which rosters they want to see face off. Iconic names of the Cloud9 brand have been mentioned, including former ADC Sneaky and mid laner Hai Du Lam. TSM could field the likes of team owner and former mid laner Reginald and former top laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill. 

Riot Games could have teased the lineups that will play in the match on Instagram, though. Riot posted about C9’s first LCS Championship win in Summer 2013 earlier today. The historic grand final was between C9 and TSM. Although TSM swept CLG and Team Vulcun to get to the finals, C9 beat TSM in three consecutive games to win the title.

Since Riot teased this, it could suggest 100 Thieves jungler Meteos and FlyQuest bot laner WildTurtle will play for C9 and TSM, rspectively, since they played for the teams in 2013.