Cloud9, League of Legends Twitter adopt new fan with ‘Perkz’ Twitter handle

What a wholesome interaction.

Image via Cloud9

Emily Perkins, who tweeted that she’s “just a woman in Liecester,” has officially been sucked into the League of Legends esports world because of her Twitter handle and guinea pig.

During the LCS Lock In finals between Cloud9 and Team Liquid today, Emily was getting a ton of likes on the social media platform—partially due to her Twitter handle, which bears the name “Perkz,” the same name as Cloud9’s mid laner. Luka “Perkz” Perković’s handle is “C9Perkz,” which understandably caused some confusion among fans.

Emily quickly became a favorite of Cloud9 and LCS Twitter due to her guinea pig named “Fudge,” the same in-game name as Cloud9’s top laner, Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami.

The social media following was so intense that Emily tweeted out she had tuned into the game and interacted with LCS fans before having to sign off for work in the morning.

There was so much social media buzz that the LCS broadcast even addressed it before the series went to map five.

This may have been the most wholesome League of Legends centric Twitter interaction of all time.

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