Camille player leads the charge in successful base race in League

When all seems lost, splitpushing may be the answer.

Image via Riot Games

Base races, though unconventional and risky, are some of the most thrilling moments in League of Legends. One team could be absolutely dominating their side of the Rift, but a single smart move from the other team can change the trajectory of the game in an instant.

In this clip posted to Reddit, u/JimasMagnus sought to use the base race strategy to pull their team out of an incoming loss. While the enemies were busy destroying their base, this player opted to splitpush on Camille through the bot lane, carrying a large wave of minions to the enemy base protected by only a Xerath.

With the enemy team occupied at the player’s base, Camille proceeded to tear down towers and inhibitors without any problems. The player got very close to death, but thanks to the sheer amount of damage as part of their Q, they were able to lead a wave of minions headed by a super minion that ultimately got the last hit on the Nexus, giving them the win against all odds.

Though Camille may have ended the game, much of this victory should be credited to the Zilean player who gave Camille the time to destroy the enemy base uncontested. From a perfectly-executed bomb stun at base onto three enemies to preventing the opposing Kai’Sa and Yuumi from backing, Zilean understood what Camille was attempting to do to salvage what appeared to be a lost game. Through their quick thinking, Zilean opened the door for Camille to provide their team with the victory.

Because of how fast-paced League can get, strategies like these are often some of the only paths to victory. Thanks to the Camille in this game, their team got away with a sneaky victory despite being ready to surrender, saving them from once again seeing the word “defeat” grace their screens.