Caitlyn mistakenly snipes enemy Bard after Katarina’s recall in League game

One shot, one kill.

Image via Riot Games

Some abilities in League of Legends are made in a way that takes a couple of seconds of loading before they can be used, while others can be blocked by your allies. Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole (R) has both of those features.

Usually, her ability is used in order to lower the health of a certain champion before a major team fight or to try finishing an enemy low on health. And in a recent League game, the Sheriff of Piltover successfully used it for the latter purpose, although not in the way you might think.

In this instance, the enemy Katarina began recalling in one of the bottom lane bushes. She was doing so while being spotted by a ward, however, which prompted Caitlyn to try to send her to the fountain on her own terms—by eliminating her with Ace in the Hole. This plan didn’t exactly go as planned.

Katarina was able to recall in time, which didn’t naturally make Caitlyn’s ultimate vanish or stop working. The bullet followed the opponent to her base, changing its direction mid-flight. And, in most cases, it most likely would have hit her in the base, while she was already patched up and ready to return to her lane. This time, though, the ultimate hit an innocent Bard, who was trying to enter the river. The support champion didn’t survive, so you could say that he quite literally took the bullet for his teammate.

And while this mistakenly hit ultimate is an excellent highlight, it didn’t bring victory to Caitlyn and her team, according to Still, with such admirable aim, more wins should be on their way if the player continues to main the Sheriff of Piltover.

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