Bwipo is the first Western League player to reach top 100 in the Chinese super server

Caps and MagiFelix are also on the cusp of reaching the top 100.

FNC Bwipo LEC Week Seven
Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 World Championship is right around the corner, but teams and players have already traveled over to Shanghai to get in some much needed solo queue practice before the tournament.

In the Chinese League of Legends ranked ladder, Fnatic’s star top laner Bwipo has become the first Western player to reach the top 100 in the super server.

According to LoLVVV, Bwipo is now rank 92 on the server, with a whopping 934 LP in Challenger. Fellow LEC representative Caps is coming in at second place with 868 LP, while fellow Fnatic teammate MagiFelix has 796 LP. TSM’s substitute support Treatz follows up with 756 LP, while Team Liquid’s star support CoreJJ is in fifth place with 676 LP.

Seeing as Fnatic went to China on Sept. 8, Bwipo’s quick accomplishment is something to be pretty proud of. China’s solo queue environment is considered to be one of the most competitive in the world, and many players take things much more seriously.

Granted, Bwipo must be putting in plenty of hours of practice for Worlds, which means that he’ll have more chances to climb compared to other players who aren’t playing solo queue as religiously.

For example, players like JD Gaming’s Kanavi or LGD Gaming’s Peanut are all in Platinum rank. This just means that they might not have even played a game on their accounts in China.

Nevertheless, reaching the top 100 in this region is a mountain of a task and is difficult for anyone to accomplish. It’ll be interesting to see, however, if other players can crack the same summit before Worlds starts on Friday, Sept. 25.