Bramble Vest—League’s newest item—is an ADC’s worst nightmare

The new item will be the first tank item that inflicts Grievous Wounds.

Image via Riot Games

There’s a new tank item coming to League of Legends called the Bramble Vest. It’s a component item of the Thornmail, which is getting a rework. The item was included in the latest PBE update—and it’s the first tank item ever to apply Grievous Wounds.

Rather than scaling on your own armor, this component item will return a flat 25 magic damage to your attacker on every auto attack. That reflected damage will apply Grievous Wounds. That’s actually a very big deal, because ADCs currently build lifesteal to counter the Thornmail item which this builds into. Grievous Wounds lowers the effectiveness of all healing by a very large portion, so lifesteal on your attacker would be almost completely negated.

Along with adding the Bramble Vest as a component to Thornmail, it’s also getting a chunk of health and the same passive ability as Randuin’s Omen—Cold Steel—which reduces attack speed of attackers. So not only will the attacker take thorn damage, but they’ll also get Grievous Wounds and lower attack speed. This is an ADC’s worst nightmare.

Oh, and if you’re a top lane tank that ever finds himself against a Tryndamere—rush this item. He’s going to have a very hard time in lane against you. The new Thornmail and the Bramble Vest are set to arrive in Patch 7.14, which should be in a couple of weeks.