Bilibili Gaming sweep Invictus Gaming, keep playoff hopes alive in 2021 LPL Summer Split

IG is slowly losing their hopes of reaching playoff this split.

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Bilibili Gaming took down Invictus Gaming in a clean 2-0 series in week 8 of the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

The team led by former T1 and DWG KIA coach Kim popped off today against the 2018 world champions, taking them down in two quick matches with a very dominant performance. The MVP votes went to the carries of BLG, mid-laner Zeka and AD carry Aiming. The Korean duo showed up a strong performance on four different picks today, with the mid laner popping off on Galio and Lee Sin, while the AD carry showed swift moves on Ezreal and Varus. Both members were crucial in the clean sweep today, doing a lot of damage in teamfights and putting IG’s carries on the backfoot from the get-go.

The first match of today’s series opened up as expected, with IG picking up an early lead due to TheShy’s Lucian and Rookie’s LeBlanc. However, BLG quickly bounced back after funneling early resources into securing the Rift Heralds and dragons, fighting evenly in the mid-game. With a well-rounded composition with great poke, dive potential, and backline threats, BLG was able to turn the tides of the game after falling behind in gold early on, equalize it and then build a gold lead on their own, before winning the first match.

The second match was much more one-sided, primarily due to Zeka’s Lee Sin, who won his lane and then started roaming around the map for quick kills. When his ultimate was available, he’d look for a gank or invade to secure a quick kill with his huge damage. IG fell one by one and as soon as teamfights started, were unable to stand tall against the aggressive BLG, losing the series 0-2.

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BLG (8-6) is currently in seventh place in the standings and have a good game score. But they shouldn’t relax going into the last matches of the regular split since the 11th team is JD Gaming (7-7), just one series win away from climbing to a playoff spot. Every win is crucial right now for the bottom LPL teams to have a chance to qualify for playoffs.

IG (5-8), on the other hand, is currently sitting in 13th place, with all the teams below left out from the playoff run. Even if they win the remaining matches, they still need to rely on other teams’ results to give the 2018 world champions a chance to qualify for the upcoming playoffs.

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