Best Zeri build in League of Legends

A spark is all she needs.

Image via Riot Games

Since her release in League of Legends, Zeri has quickly become the go-to choice for any AD carry mains who love to show off their mechanical skill in teamfights.

The Spark of Zaun packs a ton of mobility in her kit that allows her to navigate the map with ease, whether she’s zipping along a wall to join a teamfight or expertly kiting away while peppering her enemies with some deadly zaps from her electric fingertips.

It also helps that Riot Games has given her more damage to work with after the recent durability update, making her a prime pick for a team composition that needs some steady damage as extended skirmishes become the norm with the amount of resists and health in the game.

Best Zeri build for League season 12


Screengrab via Riot Games


Lethal Tempo: Zeri relies on attack speed so that she can dish out more of her unique auto attack based ability, Burst Fire. As a result, this rune is a perfect way to fire a lot faster in teamfights and gain some much-needed range so she can put some breathing room between her and her enemies.

Triumph: Since Zeri has one of the lowest base health counts of any marksman champion in the game, she needs a way to stay healthy that isn’t just reliant on items. Triumph is a great way to boost her HP in the middle of a furious firefight because she should be able to hit many different champions once she activates her piercing Burst Fire auto attacks.

Legend: Alacrity: Alacrity is another way to boost Zeri’s attack speed even further, making it a lot easier to time your targeted auto attacks. Her DPS and movement speed is her biggest strength, so finding more and more things to strengthen that aspect of her kit is a key to success.

Last Stand: Zeri joins Lucian, Akshan, Vayne, Kog’Maw, Sivir, and Samira in the 500 attack range club, which makes them tied for the lowest attack range of any marksman champion in the game. This means that players will need some way to battle through some damage while they find the right distance to strike. Luckily, the durability update allows Zeri to soak up more damage, and if she’s a bit hurt, she’ll deal more damage as a result of this rune.


Taste of Blood: In the early stages of a game, the extra healing from this rune allows you to stay relatively healthier while trading in lane against an opponent. It might make the difference between a lost trade and a forced recall, or a skirmish win and control over the lane.

Treasure Hunter: To allow Zeri to scale a bit better into the mid game, Treasure Hunter provides a nice boost of gold that should convince players to get a bit more active whenever their jungler gets into a fight with others near the bottom side of the map.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor


Starting items: Long Sword, three health potions

Screengrab via Riot Games

Depending on what lane you’re facing off against, you can take the Long Sword with three health potions or you can opt for the more traditional Doran’s Blade and one health potion. If you are going up against a poke lane, you can take the Long Sword since you’ll want the extra potions to keep your health up if they start hitting some skill shots.

But if you’re against a duo with a good engage support like Nautilus or Thresh, the Doran’s Blade gives a good amount of omnivamp to stay healthy while you fire back after the initial barrage.

Core build: Immortal Shieldbow, Berserker’s Greaves, Phantom Dancer

Screengrab via Riot Games

The combination of Shieldbow and Phantom Dancer will need some time to scale, but its impact in the mid-to-late game fights is great for Zeri since she wants a good amount of damage, some sustainability, and more movement and attack speed.

Between the healing capabilities and Lifeline shield of her Mythic to the increased movement speed and Ghosted passive on PD, Zeri should remain healthy and untouchable when she pops her ultimate ability in a teamfight.

Final items: Infinity Edge, Runaan’s Hurricane, Lord Dominik’s Regard

Screengrab via Riot Games

Damage and attack speed is the name of Zeri’s game, and Infinity Edge with Runaan’s ensures that she is a menace whenever a full five-vs-five teamfight breaks out. The critical strikes will be raining down on multiple targets, and if she builds Lord Dominik’s Regard, then even the tankiest of enemies won’t stand a chance against Runeterra’s rising storm.