Best Mordekaiser build in League of Legends

This is one of the most effective ways to build up Mordekaiser.

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Get ready to carve your will upon Summoner’s Rift by exercising your supreme power as League of Legends‘ most feared undead warlord and resident Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser. The soul-binding king of the underworld has quickly risen in popularity, and for good reason.

Mordekaiser’s ability set is relatively easy to understand, with plenty of sustainability, crowd control, and damage that should allow new players and veteran solo queue stars enough tools to dominate their games. He does, however, need some time to ramp up in strength through the early game, while also choosing the right tools to succeed.

From the best runes to the ideal items to buy, here is the best Mordekaiser build in League.


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Conqueror: This rune is the perfect tool for any champion that prefers extended teamfights, and with a kit focused on staying durable while burning down enemies, Conqueror will be Mordekaiser’s best keystone. It is also very good at almost every stage of the game as well, whether he is dueling for control over a lane or dominating a five-vs-five teamfight.

Triumph: By healing off every kill he gets, Triumph allows Mordekaiser to make some unreal plays during tower dives and teamfights. This boost of health, on top of his natural healing and shielding, will make him almost impossible to take down.

Legend: Tenacity: If Mordekaiser gets bogged down and kept out of range by an enemy team composition, he’ll be useless in teamfights. As a result, Tenacity is an essential rune to bring so that the opposing crowd control won’t be nearly as annoying to deal with.

Last Stand: Last Stand works well with Mordekaiser, since he can reach its bonus damage threshold when he reaches 30 percent health, then pop his Indestructible ability to grant himself a shield or heal himself to continue fighting at his peak power point.


Bone Plating: Against a stronger early game champion, Bone Plating can help Mordekaiser win trades he’d normally fail, since the rune causes the next three enemy auto-attacks to deal 30-60 less damage. If you’re confident in your laning skills, however, you can pick Conditioning for the mid-game scaling.

Revitalize: When paired up with Indestructible and Mordekaiser’s go-to mythic item Riftmaker, Revitalize provides a ton of value since it synergizes well with the shields and healing that the item and champion brings.

Bonuses: +9 adaptive force, +9 adaptive force, +8 magic resist

Starting items: Doran’s Ring, two health potions

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As a primarily AP-focused champion, Doran’s Ring makes sense so Mordekaiser can throw out some spells throughout his laning phase. With his Darkness Rise passive, he’ll be able to deal consistent damage if he can land three attacks or spells, so keeping his mana in check will be important.

Core items: Riftmaker, Mercury’s Treads, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

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Riftmaker grants Mordekaiser the perfect boost to his extended teamfighting power, since its own effectiveness ramps up as a fight is drawn out. Eventually, the item will hit a maximum of nine percent bonus damage and will be dealing that as true damage, along with some much need omnivamp to keep him healthy in any skirmish.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter combos well with Mordekaiser, since it allows him to chase down any enemies if he is able to hit his abilities. If a Mordekaiser player finds themselves on top of an enemy, they know there is no escape for their opponent. Enemies will probably need to flash away, dash, or fight their way out due to Rylai’s significant slowing effect.

Final items: Demonic Embrace, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Spirit Visage

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The constant damage from Mordekaiser’s passive will consistently activate Demonic Embrace’s burn effect, which means enemies will be taking a ton of damage just by being around his presence. It also grants bonus ability power equal to two percent of his health, giving him a good amount of extra AP.

Spirit Visage works well with Mordekaiser’s kit, since both his item build and general kit bring a ton of healing and shielding that will be amplified to unbreakable levels. Conqueror will also get a decent boost in the long run, making this a perfect complementary piece to his build.

Finally, Zhonya’s Hourglass gives Mordekaiser plenty of durability to soak a good amount of damage, before having to activate the stasis to survive a killing blow. Afterward, he can continue to heal off of his enemies to stay alive while the rest of his team dishes out damage throughout the teamfight.