Best Jinx counters in League of Legends

How to deal with the explosive Jinx.

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Ever since Arcane premiered in November 2021, League of Legends champions that appeared in the Netflix series have grown in popularity—especially Jinx.

In season 12, Jinx isn’t just picked because she starred in the show though. Thanks to balance changes, she’s once again one of the strongest AD carries in the game.

Her pick rate has increased in both solo queue and competitive play over the last few months. With the tools needed to become dangerous in the early game and scale exceptionally well in the late game, Jinx has been wreaking havoc on Summoner’s Rift.

Here are some of the best Jinx counters in League of Legends, according to stats site


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Veigar is self-explanatory when it comes to countering Jinx. In the bot lane, he should be able to counter Jinx and her support aggression Event Horizon (E). In the latter stages of the game, Veigar’s ultimate, as well as his Dark Matter (W), should be able to one-shot Jinx, especially since she lacks mobility. Veigar currently has a 53.1 percent win rate against the blue-haired champion.


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Ziggs, similar to Veigar, has a few tools to match Jinx’s early aggression. His wave clear is also impressive when he reaches level three or four. The laning phase for Ziggs shouldn’t be a problem. In the late game, due to an ultimate with a large radius and a nice amount of burst damage, you should be able to catch Jinx out of position and delete her from the fight. Ziggs sits at a 52.59 percent win rate against Jinx at the moment.


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Twitch, like Jinx, is a champion that excels past the 30-minute mark. Though he’s also a great counter. The Plague Rat has tools that allow him to sneak up on the backline and quickly eliminate his opponents. With Jinx lacking the tools to escape, she’s the prime target. Twitch currently has a 52.18 percent win rate against her.


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One of the common phrases when it comes to conflict is “fight fire with fire,” and this works perfectly when trying to explain Zeri against Jinx. She boasts great stats versus her (a 51.51 percent win rate), and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. With Zeri’s high damage and mobility, the Loose Cannon is no match.


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The Kog’Maw/Jinx matchup is simple. Try your best to survive in the early game and scale as hard as you can into the late game. Once the match reaches past 30 minutes, you should be almost unstoppable. If Jinx attempts to one-vs-one you, you should come out on top. Kog’Maw currently has a 50.68 percent win rate against Jinx.

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