The best Cho’Gath counters in League of Legends

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Cho’Gath is a popular champion often played in the top lane. If left unchecked, Cho’Gath can become a problem for opposing teams in later stages of the game in teamfights.

Cho’Gath’s ultimate Feast grants him bonus health for every stack he’s acquired throughout the game. In addition to the champion’s healing passive, this can make Cho’Gath almost unkillable in the later portions of the game.

Here are the best counters to stop Cho’Gath from getting to that point.

General strategy

In lane, the main approach to defeating Cho’Gath is to deal constant damage. With the champion’s ability, once it has killed a minion, enemy, or taken down a structure, he will heal back some health. This means you cannot just let Cho’Gath farm after dealing some poke damage, or he’ll will heal right back. Constantly poking or bullying Cho’Gath away from the minions is the best way to give yourself the upper hand.

There are key combos Cho’Gath players will do to maximize damage. This often begins with Rupture, an ability that will knock up champions caught in its area, followed by Feral Scream, which will not only deal more damage but also silence enemies in the blast zone.

If able to avoid Rupture, ranged champions can easily poke down Cho’Gath and force him to retreat. This is the same for melee champions, but be weary of Feral Scream or Feast if Cho’Gath has reached level six.

Another key move for Cho’Gath is Vorpal Spikes that will fire in the direction of his melee attacks and slow targets caught in the spray. It is important these are avoided also as they are a great tool for Cho’Gath to use to set up Rupture.



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Vayne is an obvious choice due to her ranged abilities and constant pressure.

If you can evade Rupture, there is little opportunity for Cho’Gath to engage in a duel. With the use of tumble, Vayne should have no issues avoiding the attack and this ability can also double as a useful tool to give chase Cho’Gath once he is on low health.

Once Rupture has been avoided, it is reasonably safe to all-in Cho’Gath if you have adequate health to duel and have not fallen behind in level. Vorpal Spikes will deal substantial damage later in the game, but these can be avoided by either using Tumble or Condemn.

While her kit is extensive, playing this matchup is quite straightforward, and just by providing constant pressure and getting ahead early, Vayne can easily shut down Cho’Gath and influence the game.


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Darius is a high-damage top lane champion that can burst opponents down very quickly, especially early in the match. Against Cho’Gath, finding windows of opportunity and capitalizing with devastating combinations can shut down the champion early.

Since Cho’Gath is a melee-based champion, it’s likely he will need to come into range to farm minions during the game. While in close range, Darius needs to be careful to avoid Vorpal Spikes.

Once Cho’Gath has exhausted Rupture, there’s a window of opportunity for Darius to deal major damage. If Cho’Gath is within range, open with Decimate immediately activating Crippling Strike, and then pull the enemy in with Apprehend. This combination will deal plenty of damage and if necessary, after level six, can be finished with Noxian Guillotine if Cho’Gath’s health is low enough.

If Darius can avoid rupture, secure some early kills, and bully Cho’Gath away from farm, this lane should be quite easy to deal with.


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Another great matchup against Cho’Gath, Quinn has the ability to constantly harass the champion in lane, giving her the ability to farm freely and severely slow Cho’Gath’s power spike.

Similar to Vayne, Quinn boasts mobility with her abilities. Vault will allow Quinn to get in range of Cho’Gath quickly and interrupt his abilities in the process. The most powerful of Quinn’s abilities is her ultimate, Behind Enemy Lines, which will grant massive movement speed and a shower of arrows dealing damage to nearby enemies.

In the matchup against Cho’Gath, it’s simply a matter of avoiding Rupture and Vorpal Spike while constantly harassing him and bullying him out of farm.

With Quinn, you aren’t always going to be able to secure takedowns in the lane on your own. But with Cho’Gath not having access to farm, often this pressure can be enough to dominate in the laning phase and put the team in a better position heading into potential teamfights.

Items to build into Cho’Gath

Blade of the Ruined King

Cho’Gath will be building a variety of different health-based items, which is why Blade of the Ruined King is such a great counter item to use. The unique passive on the item boasts increased damage equal to a percentage of the target’s overall health. Should the game get into the later stages, this is a must-have item against Cho’Gath for AD champions.

Spirit Visage

Dealing true damage with his ultimate, Cho’Gath is capable of completely chunking the health of most champions in the game. This being the case, building health can be more beneficial than armor in this matchup. Spirit Visage is a great item, boasting 450 bonus health as well as a range of healing benefits that can be paired with other items.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter offers AP champions a way to get the bonus health necessary to survive Feast later in the game. On top of its bonus of 90 ability power, it also provides 350 extra health.

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