14 February 2018 - 12:10

The 7 best champions for beginners in League of Legends

When you're learning the game, here's where to start with champion selection.
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League of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world. If you don’t play it, there’s a chance some of your friends or someone else you know does—or maybe you’ve just seen a game of it streamed on Twitch. If you fall into this category, there’s also a chance you’ve wanted to try it out. It is free after all. but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

League is a nine-year-old game with around 150 playable champions, and just picking it up on the fly can be a very daunting task. It can seem like getting to a level where you can compete with the general player base will take forever. Thankfully the game usually does a pretty good job of matching you up with players on the same level as you—even if you’re a total noob.

If you want to just focus on learning the game while playing your first matches we recommend sticking to the most beginner-friendly champions. And we have compiled a list of them to help you pick. If you've been playing for a while but are stuck in the lower echelons, these champions might work for you too.

Either way, here are the seven most beginner-friendly champions.

7) Garen

While he isn’t exactly the strongest champion in the game, Garen is extremely easy to pick up. Let’s be honest—while you’re playing with other beginners, it isn’t exactly going to matter which champions edge one another out in power levels. Garen’s kit is very straightforward. Use your speed boost to run up to someone, spin when you reach them, hit your damage negation when someone hits you back, and use your ultimate when they’re low. He’s fun, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

6) Ashe

Ashe is one of the coolest champions in the game. All jokes aside though, this icy queen is one of the most satisfying champions to play on our list, mostly because there aren’t many champions that can make plays like her. She doesn’t deal quite as much damage as other marksmen and markswomen. But she’s very straightforward—and her big, flashy ultimate ability is very rewarding to land.

Fire a volley of arrows to slow them down, hit your Q to speed up your attacks, and send out a Hawkshot to check bushes for enemies. Her ultimate is a massive ice arrow that can fly all the way across the map, deal damage, and stun your target for a very long time.

5) Leona

Leona is one of the most straightforward supports in the game, making her the perfect pick-up for fans of tanks and playmaking. Her abilities can all lock enemies down, and she gets incredibly tanky. You can get away with just mashing all of her abilities at once in the direction of your enemy, and you’ll still be able to do your job effectively. Point, click, and make plays.

4) Morgana

If you’re used to playing spell casters in other games—like wizards, mages, and witches—you’ll quickly be drawn to the many mages in League. Some of them, like Azir and Ryze, can be fairly complicated to use. But Morgana is nice and simple while not sacrificing any power at all. Her two primary abilities are skillshots, one that binds an enemy and one that drops a damaging pool of corrupted soil on the ground. The third one gives the receiver a spellshield that blocks magic-damage and crowd control, and her ultimate is a big multi-target stun.

3) Rammus

Just like Leona, Rammus can succeed by just rolling at an enemy and mashing all of his abilities. Roll in, taunt them, activate your defense boost, and watch as they attempt to smack your spiky shell only to kill themselves on the return damage. It’s very entertaining. Rammus is one of the strongest junglers in the game too—so he’s a great pick even if you’re not a beginner.

2) Teemo

The “Teemo is annoying” meme is so popular, that chances are you’ve heard of him without ever even playing the game. He’s a very small, fuzzy creature that resembles a mouse, can turn invisible just by standing still, and throws invisible, exploding mushrooms out for enemies to walk over and detonate. He’s only easy because a lot of his damage comes from his basic attacks, and the only non-basic attack damage he has is a point-and-click ability that doesn’t require much aiming. He’s ideal if you want to irritate your enemies without needing to learn a difficult champion, like Lee Sin.

1) Malzahar

Malzahar is first on our list only because he’s one of the best mages in the game on top of being one of the easiest to play. You have tools at your disposal to stop any enemy in their tracks before they can blow you up. Those abilities don’t require effort to land them either, and his damage is absolutely insane. Point, click, lock someone down for what seems like an eternity, and you’ll win your lane before you know it.

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