Best Amumu support build in League of Legends

The Sad Mummy is back in the bot lane.

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With such a diverse cast of champions in League of Legends, and more being added quite often, champions are occasionally outclassed by other, more viable options. Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is just one of the many champions that has yearned for some love from Riot Games.

Late last year, Amumu received unexpected changes that took the champion, who had not been seen on the Rift since the introduction of Mythic items into the game, and made him one of the most powerful engage champions in the game.

Another charge of his Q was all it took to make Amumu not just roam around the jungle faster, but to give him new life as a support that quickly took over the solo queue and professional metas.

Yet almost as quick as he bounced into the meta, he was taken out. Large boosts to the mana cost of his Q shot the Sad Mummy back to the bottom of the meta, where he would sit for nearly a year.

Now, with new strategies and champions taking control of the support role, Amumu’s mana changes have been reverted as of Patch 12.12. Almost as quickly as the first time this change was introduced, Amumu has become a powerful engage option for nearly any composition in the bot lane.

Here is the best build for Amumu support in League.

Best runes for Amumu support

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Aftershock: Amumu’s main job is to engage on opponents with his W, then break their resistances or stun them with his ultimate. Aftershock rewards Amumu with a hefty amount of resistances after successfully landing a Q, ensuring that not only will he be able to throw out the second charge of the ability, but that he’ll be around to keep enemies away from his team.

Font of Life: Immobilizing enemies while having the Font of Life rune rewards allies that take advantage of Amumu’s stun with a small amount of healing. This is exceptionally important for Amumu as a non-traditional support, as he does not have any ways to heal his allies in his kit.

Bone Plating: Much like Leona, once Amumu engages on an opponent, he doesn’t have many ways that he can get out other than using Flash. Bringing Bone Plating gives Amumu a bit more armor and magic resist in situations where a poor engage or dealing with poke can make the laning phase difficult.

Unflinching: Amumu’s status as a melee tank in the bot lane makes him very susceptible to ranged crowd control from enemy support champions. Therefore gaining more tenacity in any capacity can be the difference between a stun preventing a play and a quick hindrance.


Cheap Shot: Amumu has a plethora of crowd-control options in his kit. Whether it be through his Q or ultimate, the Sad Mummy can proc Cheap Shot for himself, allowing him to deal substantial damage to the movement-impaired target with his basic attacks or even his E, which will proc his passive.

Ultimate Hunter: Patch 12.12 also buffed Amumu’s ultimate, giving it a bit more power at all ranks. This gives Amumu a bit more capability to take down opponents on his own, but the real power of this ability lay in being able to root any enemy in the vicinity. Amumu wants to use his ultimate as much as possible, making Ultimate Hunter a great option for players that will fearlessly throw their bandages into harm’s way.

Bonuses: +9 adaptive force, +6 armor, +6 armor

Best starting items for Amumu support

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Relic Shield: As a melee champion, Amumu works best in the support role when he starts with a Relic Shield. This item will let him execute minions below a certain HP threshold and give the same amount of gold to a nearby ally, perfect for cannon minions. After accruing enough gold by executing minions, this item will evolve and allow for players to place wards.

Health Potions: With so much poke from enemy ranged champions, Amumu will suffer heavily in the early game. Health potions are pivotal to ensuring that Amumu players can keep throwing bandages into enemies without faltering, especially when Amumu doesn’t have any other items to help him.

Stealth Ward: Out of the jungle role, Amumu desperately needs to make sure that he and his lane partner have vision on the bottom side of the map to avoid ganks from other lanes and the opposing jungler. Amumu’s poor mobility makes roaming efficiently difficult, but not impossible. When repositioning to help other teammates, players should keep an eye on their ward placement and ensure that they’re safely leaving their ADC alone.

Best core items for Amumu support

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Evenshroud/Locket of the Iron Solari: These two Mythic items are the quintessential options for tank supports. One rewards Amumu for inflicting any measure of crowd control on his opponents with increased damage for his allies, while the other grants a shield to all allies in Amumu’s immediate vicinity. Locket of the Iron Solari is normally the safest bet for Amumu support, since he has no other way to directly support his allies.

Thornmail: Amumu wants to be the center of attention in nearly all fights. Building Bramble Vest and eventually completing Thornmail allows Amumu to passively deal damage to any enemy dealing damage to him, as well as inflicts the ever-important Grievous Wounds. This will reduce the healing received by enemies for a short duration, which is particularly important in the current meta.

Anathema’s Chains: This new tank item, introduced just last year, allows players to target a specific enemy champion and take reduced damage from them specifically. This works great on champions like Amumu that want to be in the frontline and soaking up damage, as targeting Anathema’s Chains on the champion that deals the most damage will allow Amumu to stay in fights a bit longer.

Plated Steelcaps/Mercury’s Treads: The boots that Amumu builds are entirely dependent on the opposing team’s composition. Should players wish to be Malphite-like in the support role, Plated Steelcaps will give them that armor boost with some passive damage mitigation. Whereas if there are enemy champions with copious amounts of crowd control or magic resist, Mercury’s Treads is certainly the better option.

Best late-game items for Amumu support

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Spirit Visage/Abyssal Mask: Most team compositions in League consist of a healthy balance of AD-based and AP-based champions. Up to the mid-game, Amumu will be building items specifically geared towards dealing with the enemy ADC, and occasionally the jungler. In teamfights, Amumu will more than likely be the recipient of bursts of AP damage, which he doesn’t have many tools to deal with. Either of these items help Amumu deal with this type of damage, and both can be built if needed.

Frozen Heart: This Legendary-tier item, though costly, gives Amumu not only armor, mana, and ability haste, but the capability of reducing the attack speed of enemy champions. Frozen Heart thwarts the efforts of scaling champions like Twitch, Kog’Maw, and Viego, all of which dish out attacks at an incredibly fast rate in the late game.

Demonic Embrace: Players may remember an old trick with Amumu where, at just 20 minutes and two items, he could solo the Baron. While that isn’t the case anymore, one of the key parts of this strategy, namely Demonic Embrace, gives Amumu some extra damage against enemies he comes in contact with. This pairs nicely with his W, which also passively deals damage to enemies.


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