Bel’Veth player nearly ends League game in one push after just 12 minutes

Despite a low win rate, the champion has tons of potential.

Image via Riot Games

Bel’Veth, the 160th League of Legends champion, was added to the game this week—and she’s already making waves in solo queue.

The Empress of the Void is an attack damage-based jungler and since going live, players have been exploring her potential in the game. Like many new champions, her win rate is low, very low—38.85 percent, according to U.GG. But that hasn’t stopped players from producing some impressive highlights already. One player almost ended the game with Bel’Veth in 12 minutes.

In a clip that was recently posted on Reddit, Bel’Veth’s team was already fairly ahead. Alongside Darius, she released a Rift Herald in the top lane at around the 9:30-mark. At that time, Bel’Veth was in her true form, meaning all killed minions in her presence changed to her faithful Voidlings. With the help of her minions and the epic monster, she and her ally quickly took down the first two turrets in the top lane.

The enemy team was busy fighting in the bot lane and didn’t react until both Bel’Veth and Darius reached the inhibitor tower. The duo didn’t have any problems taking care of it. In the meantime, they also killed Akshan.

Afterward, with an enormous army of Voidlings and minions, both champs took down one Nexus tower before the opposing team finally gave them the required attention and stopped their push. Still, it elevated their lead to 6,000 gold at just 12 minutes, which on paper was pretty much all she wrote for Bel’Veth’s opponents.

The game, despite the early-game lead, ended 20 minutes later, according to OP.GG.