Ashe arrow appears to hit one player, stuns nearby teammate in bizarre League interaction

Hitboxes in League can be extremely fickle.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, skill shots in League of Legends end up hitting the wrong target altogether.

In a clip posted to Reddit yesterday, a cross-map skill shot seemed to have landed onto one player, but its immediate effects were thrust onto a different player entirely. 

The clip in question showcases two League players, who were playing Xerath and Miss Fortune, walking down the middle lane on Summoner’s Rift. As they were falling back to their base in an effort to wait out the enemy team’s Baron buff, the opposition made a move to engage, using an Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) from Ashe to stun one of the carries.  

Despite the enemy Ashe player’s ultimate clearly colliding with the Xerath player, their teammate, the Miss Fortune player, felt the consequences of Ashe’s arrow, absorbing the full duration of the enemy team’s stun. The Miss Fortune player moved slightly to their right to avoid the projectile, but they were still stunned by the ability, even though the projectile appeared to have landed directly in the Xerath player’s back. 

The Miss Fortune player wasn’t killed as a result of the stray Ashe arrow, but they were forced to burn their Heal spell to get away from their attackers. The Xerath player still took damage from the Ashe’s ultimate, but it’s relatively clear from the playback of the clip that they should have been affected to a much stronger degree. 

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