Artist shows off amazing fanmade Xayah and Rakan skins

"They're puppets. I pull their strings, and then they dance."

Eternal Dancer Xayah and Rakan
Image via crowned-kings

League of Legends‘ resident cutesy champion couple, Xayah and Rakan, have some of the best skins in the game. From the Sweetheart skin line to their Cosmic Dusk skin line, many of their combo cosmetics have been romantic. But in this fanmade skin, things have taken a darker turn.

The “Eternal Dancers” skin line—created by artist and Redditor Crowned-Kings—has Xayah and Rakan caught in a perpetual, almost agonizing dance. The skin also features them with puppet strings hanging from their limbs, controlled by none other than the virtuoso himself, Jhin.

The skin art is beautifully made, with tones of gold and white splashed throughout. The detailing is also precise, from the accents on Xayah and Rakan’s face to Jhin controlling the show in the background. Many in the League of Legends community are praising the art style, saying that it looks like an official Riot Games splash art.

Xayah ult
Image via crowned-kings

The artist even created a quick mock-up of what Xayah’s ultimate ability would look like with the skin. People can clearly see the puppet strings on her wrists and ankles as she drops her deadly feathers on her foes.

Additionally, this prompted some people to think of other possible skins in the Marionette-style skin line. For example, champions like Camille, Elise, and Blitzcrank could be placed into a dark puppet show skin line. Puppet Master Jhin could also be the final skin to be released, as he is the mastermind behind the show. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that we’ll see this skin in the game. But it is beautiful concept art nonetheless.