Artist creates elegant Silverwing Sejuani skin concept

"Prove your worth."

Image via Riot Games

There never seems to be an end to the creativity that flows out of the League of Legends community. One artist proved their talent with a new Valkyrie-inspired look for Sejuani earlier this week.

Concept artist Anna Perci created the elegant look for Sejuani, redesigning the jungler into a golden armor-clad warrior. Sejuani rides atop Bristle, who’s been reimagined as a tan griffin with wings. Both Sejuani and her mount are equipped with silver and gold armor with wing-like accents. The Fury of the North’s hair is braided in two long pigtails and she sports light blue war paint across her eyes.

In her portfolio, Perci included closeups of both Sejuani and Bristle, as well as ideas for each of the jungler’s ability effects. Sejuani’s stacks resemble a golden, Valkyrie-inspired winged design and her ultimate freezes enemies in pearl-colored glass before exploding into a golden radius.

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Sejuani’s most recent skin is her Firecracker look, which was released during the 2019 Lunar New Year event. Although Sejuani wasn’t included in the list of champions Riot promised skins for in 2020, Sejuani mains should keep their fingers crossed that a skin as elegant as Perci’s Silverwing Sejuani concept is in the jungler’s future.

Fans of Perci’s art can follow her work on ArtStation.