Arcane fan’s Jinx cosplay is spot-on

Hopefully this Loose Cannon is not quite as unhinged as her fictional counterpart.

Image via Riot Games

With act three of Arcane finally complete, fans are left waiting for an eventual second season and imagining the directions it may go. This thriving world of Piltover and Zaun has inspired many new artistic creations and creative designs since the Netflix series was released.

Cosplayer Littlejem created a scarily accurate Jinx outfit, complete with colored contacts, long blue braids, and multiple replicas of Jinx’s weapons. She showed off the full cosplay in a video set to the beat of Arcane’s theme song, “Enemy.” The video went viral, garnering nearly a million views on TikTok and over 300,000 on Instagram Reels.

This cosplay absolutely nails the look, from Jinx’s outfit to her tattooed arms. But the crowning moment is a neat transition on her eyes. The first part of the video shows her in blue colored contacts, but as the song’s beat drops Littlejem blinks and they turn into the character’s iconic pinkish purple. This mirrors the shift in her character from Act Two to Three when Singed saves her life by putting her on the noxious substance known as Shimmer, changing the color of her eyes. This is where Jinx truly runs off the rails and loses more of her sanity, but there is still that sweet Powder somewhere deep down inside.

Littlejem has cosplayed many other characters, including League champions like Katarina, Riven, and Jinx. She also frequently showcases Final Fantasy cosplays and other projects like a quadsuit for Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. If you’re looking for more progress photos of the cosplay, Littlejem has more photos on her Instagram.

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