When does Arcane act 3, episode 7 release?

Count down the days to the series finale.

Image via Riot Games

Three more episodes of Arcane, the hit animated series inspired by League of Legends, will become available next weekend.

The final stretch of the series counts down to the finale, which, according to co-creators Riot Games, has been in the making for six long and stressful years.

Following the story of orphaned sisters Jinx and Vi, as well as all the many characters that make up the neighboring cities of Zaun and Piltover, the third act of Arcane includes episodes seven, eight, and nine. 

On Saturday, Nov. 20 at 2am CT, anyone with an active Netflix subscription will have access to the final three episodes of the series. At roughly 45 minutes each, Arcane totals nine episodes and over 350 minutes of running time. 

Co-created by American video game giant Riot and French animation studio Portiche Production, the first season of Arcane could be the first of many to come to Netflix. Although a second season has yet to be confirmed, the potential for more is certainly there. 

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