APK upset KT Rolster in LCK 2020 Spring Split week 7

KT seem to have lost their momentum.

Photo via Riot Games

The emerging KT Rolster roster that picked up an eight-game winning streak was taken down today by the ninth-place team in the LCK Spring Split standings, APK Prince.

APK played well and scored a pentakill against the KT squad, who seem to have lost their momentum after losing the battle for third against DragonX two days ago. Fans expected a clean sweep this game in favor of KT, but the team failed to deliver. As the usual saying goes, who got excited?

APK’s first split has looked quite bad. Even though they’ve upset a couple of teams, they’ve failed to find consistency and pick up wins with coordinated gameplay. The rookies lack shotcalling experience as seen in the replays, and their communication is chaotic.

KT, on the other hand, had a good Cinderella story. After a lackluster start to the season, KT secured eight-straight wins. It was looking like we would get another Telecom War this season, but after the last two matches, KT are back in their usual slump.

The next match for KT will be critical. They will be facing the undefeated T1 roster. If they can snatch up a win, they might be able to regain their momentum going into the playoff stage. If they lose, their morale might go down and their performance could drop to the pre-winning streak style.

These two teams will face on Friday, April 10 at 6am CT on the official LCK broadcast.