Aphelios is taking another blow with even more nerfs in League’s Patch 10.2

Is he dead yet?

Image via Riot Games

Aphelios is set to receive nerfs in League of Legends’ latest patch, despite having a 48-percent win ratio in platinum and above.

The five weapon-wielding AD carry, who was released just last month, is one of the most polarizing champions in the game. He’s known for his ridiculous burst damage, and his seemingly easy outplay potential and has quickly come under scrutiny from the community. 

In Patch 10.1, Aphelios received minor nerfs to his base movement speed and health, and a 25-percent decrease in damage done to secondary targets with his Moonlight Vigil (R) ultimate.


This time, however, Riot is targeting Aphelios’ Calibrum (Q). Its cooldown is being increased from 9 to 6 seconds to 10 to 8 and its mark damage is being decreased from 20 to 40 (+30 percent bonus AD) to 15 (+20 percent bonus AD).

This will make him much less of a long-range threat, pushing him even further away from lane dominance. He’ll also have less of an impact in the late game and will be forced to rely on alternative damage abilities. He should still be a strong choice in the bot late, but he’ll no longer have his hyper-carry capabilities.

Patch 10.2 is expected to be released to the live servers on Tuesday, Jan. 23.