Aphelios reaches a 223 percent combined ban rate on the Korean League ladder, shattering record

Even more nerfs are inevitable.

Image via Riot Games

The latest champion to join League of Legends may be ever-so-slightly overtuned. 

Over the last seven days in Korean solo queue—arguably the most competitive ladder in the world—Aphelios has received 223 percent of bans, breaking records, according to stats site fow.kr.

Typically, the maximum possible ban rate is 200 percent, meaning both teams ban a champion 100 percent of the time, but with remakes, which are added to the number of bans, Aphelios’ ban rate has exceeded expectations. 

In comparison, the second most banned champion in Korea is Akali, the solo queue carry menace, with 174 percent ban rate. 

It’s hard to determine Aphelios’ current power level and how he compares to other champions in the bot lane. He’s new and has yet to have seen playing time in a competitive environment. Both Aphelios and Diana were disabled at last week’s Korean KeSPA cup, and he’s barely had the opportunity to perform in solo queue.

Either way, Riot is hard-set on nerfing him ahead of the release of season 10 later this week. Later today, in time for patch 10.1, Aphelios will receive nerfs to his movement speed, his base health, and his ultimate ability, cutting him back, and hopefully putting him into a more balanced position.

A few weeks ago, Riot nerfed his abilities and reduced his damage in the late game.

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