AP Shaco support outplays three opponents in League of Legends

"The joke's on you!"

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players may want to reconsider dodging the lobby when an AP Shaco locks support.

One player used the Demon Jester to his maximum potential, posting their three-kill outplay on Reddit today.

The player began by sending his Hallucinate (R) clone to the opposing Riven, baiting her flash and wiping her out in a matter of seconds. But the enemy bot lane wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight.

As Zilean over-chased, the clown simply vanished with Deceive (Q) and made worm’s meat of the support with a quick backstab. With only an Aphelios left, the player was able to cast Hallucinate again due to the cooldown reduction from three Cloud drakes. The clone exploded, destroying the AD carry’s health instantly.

Unfortunately, the jester didn’t survive the altercation because of a cheeky ignite.

Though Shaco is typically used in the jungle, the champion has seen a recent surge in the bot lane. The Demon Jester boasts a 53 percent win rate as support and a 51 percent win rate in the jungle, according to Champion.gg.

Patch 9.20 buffed Shaco considerably, giving him a better early game and AoE damage on his Jack In The Box (W) ability. This likely attributes to his bot lane success since he now enough early presence and damage to harass an AD carry and support out of lane.