Animator recreates Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light using League champions

The result is much more comical than its source.

Netflix’s recent hit Squid Game has dominated the entertainment space over the past month, inspiring plenty of unique creations within popular video games.

One League of Legends fan has crafted a crossover between the two franchises, recreating the Red Light, Green Light game using characters from Runeterra. The video took original audio and dialogue from the series with an original animation crafted to feature the champions’ abilities.

In place of the creepy doll, the creator of this work, YouTuber Frasaselo, opted to use Gwen, who wields two baseball bats instead of rifles to eliminate players from afar. The events of this animation are very similar to those in the show, with Yasuo taking the role of Seong Gi-Hun.

Given the different abilities and appearances of these champions, the result is much more comical and less intense than what can be seen in the original show. The animation only showcases the events of this first game in the Squid Game series, but given the popularity it garnered, there could be more to come.

Squid Game has been crossed over into plenty of games over the past few weeks. Some of the most notable include the Workshop mode in Overwatch, the many iterations in Roblox, and the full recreation of Red Light, Green Light, in Unreal Engine. With a second season seemingly on the cards, perhaps there will be plenty more of these creations to come.