Amumu with SpongeBob sounds effects is as cute as you’d expect

'I can't hear you!"

Image via Riot Games

We’ve seen League of Legends crossovers hundreds of times before, but this is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

A player took Amumu and switched out his VFX with the sounds from the pop culture phenomenon SpongeBob SquarePants. Instead of making his regular sounds when using his abilities, he’d blast out audio recordings from the popular show—and the results are as cute as you’d expect them to be.

Before we go over the spells themselves, it’s worth noting that Amumu’s auto attack sound has been replaced as well. This pairs perfectly with the sound of his Bandage Toss, which sounds like it’s flowing under the water. Another hilarious sound used is the iconic “boowomp” sound, which plays whenever Amumu uses Tantrum.

The best sound, however, is probably Amumu’s W. The player used part of Bubbletown’s soundtrack, which is an underwater town where SpongeBob and his friends live in. In the show, it was often used when the episode was shifting to another scene.

Unfortunately, the player didn’t replace Amumu’s laugh or jokes. This would have been the perfect opportunity to replace the champion’s laugh with SpongeBob’s iconic laugh or give him another priceless line.