Amumu, Miss Fortune, Tryndamere, and others at top of LS and Nemesis’ Worlds 2021 tier list

The popular streaming duo released a list of champions that they think will dictate the Worlds meta.

Image via Riot Games

With the 2021 League of Legends World Championship quickly approaching, more and more tier lists regarding teams, players, and champions have been appearing on social media.

And over the weekend, former LCK shoutcaster LS, in collaboration with former Fnatic mid laner Nemesis, posted their tier list of the best champs they expect to see used during the upcoming tournament.

Image via LS

Starting with the best top laners in Patch 11.19, the duo put Fiora and Gangplank in their Z-tier, with Tryndamere, Graves, Irelia, and Jayce following in the S-tier. For someone who’s been closely watching the solo queue play of pros from around the world on the EUW ladder, this shouldn’t be surprising. The aforementioned champions have been dominating nearly every game and are expected to be picked quite often during Worlds 2021. 

Image via LS

Next up, the duo’s jungle tier list might shock those who haven’t been keeping up with the meta recently. LS and Nemesis put Karthus, Fiddlesticks, and Evelynn in the S-tier, and Hecarim, Ivern, and Lillia in the A-tier. Many of those champs didn’t show up much during the summer playoffs of the leagues from around the world since back then, champs like Xin Zhao and Diana were popular picks. But that’s no longer the case, according to the popular streaming duo, and we should see some new faces in the jungle over the next couple of weeks.

Image via LS

If LS and Nemesis’ top lane choices made you raise your eyebrows, then you probably won’t react any differently to their mid lane tier list. Tryndamere, Graves, and Irelia have been dominant in the hands of players like Chovy. A lot of different champs, like Orianna, Zed, and Azir, find themselves in the mid lane A and B-tiers, meaning we could see a wide pool of characters being chosen during Worlds 2021. 

Image via LS

The duo put Ezreal and Ziggs in the best tier in terms of AD carries. They’ll aim to prolong their dominance in the bottom lane while Draven and Miss Fortune join them in the fight for the most popular marksmen in the Worlds meta, as the popularity of the four characters on the solo queue ladder already suggests. They’re among the most frequently picked champions right now, according to

Image via LS

If ADCs with AoE damage are the top options in the eyes of LS and Nemesis, then Amumu being the best available support on Patch 11.19 is understandable. The Sad Mummy provides a lot of CC and an AoE ultimate that stuns enemies around him, making him a great fit alongside champs like Miss Fortune and Ziggs. But, on the other hand, Amumu might be banned a lot, so teams may be forced to consider classic supports such as Thresh and Leona, who are in this duo’s B-tier among many others.

Worlds 2021 starts tomorrow at 6am CT. You can catch all the action live on Riot Games’ Twitch channel. The LCK’s fourth seed, Hanwha Life Esports, will face the LPL’s fourth seed, LNG Esports, in the first game of the tournament. 

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