All Ziggs skins in Hextech Mayhem

The Yordle has many different looks.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Forge has launched two of its latest A League of Legends Stories by surprise today with the Ruined King RPG and the rhythm-runner Hextech Mayhem.

In Hextech Mayhem, players deal with the fast-paced rhythm gameplay while traversing different locations and setting off plenty of explosions along the way. The game launched today on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Starring Ziggs, players get to control this explosive-loving Yordle, but you aren’t limited to just the champion’s traditional look; there are a handful of skins available for players to earn and use today. These skins are based on different aspects of Runeterra, including locations and even other champions that give Ziggs his own unique look with identifying traits of others.

All Ziggs skins in Hextech Mayhem

  • Ruined Ziggs (Pre-order exclusive)
  • Bombe Artiste Ziggs
  • Teemo Ziggs
  • Bilgewater Ziggs
  • Jinx Ziggs
  • Sugarrush Ziggs
  • Pool Party Ziggs
  • Master Arcanist Ziggs
  • Battleboss Ziggs
  • CommmanderVideo

All of these skins are available to purchase with in-game currency while playing Hextech Mayhem. The exception to this rule is Ruined Ziggs which was only made available to users who pre-ordered the game on Nintendo Switch or PC before launch.

With the two Jin and Teemo skins seeing Ziggs adopt the appearance of other champions, it’s likely that in the future we could see more of this as the developers dive into League’s massive pool of champions to craft new looks for the Yordle.

For now, this is all the skins available, but as more are added, this will be updated to reflect the new loot.

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