All teams qualified for Amazon European Masters 2022 Spring

The list is slowly getting completed.

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As the Spring Playoffs of several European Regional Leagues in Europe appears on the horizon, more and more teams are slowly qualifying for the Amazon European Masters 2022 Spring in League of Legends.

In some cases, placing in the top spots of the regular season is enough to qualify for the tournament. Nevertheless, the upcoming playoffs will be the deciding factor of who will represent which region at the event.

On March 10, Riot Games revealed the slot distribution among certain leagues. LFL and Ultraliga received four of them, with a few competitions like Elite Series and Hitpoint Masters only gaining two seeds.

Here’s the list of teams currently qualified for Amazon European Masters 2022 Spring.

Qualified for Main Event

  • LFL – LDLC OL, Team BDS Academy
  • Prime League – Eintracht Spandau, GamerLegion
  • SuperLiga – Fnatic TQ, BISONS ECLUB
  • EBL – Crvena zvezda Esports
  • PG Nationals – Atleta Esports
  • NLC – X7 Esports
  • GLL – Team Phantasma
  • Ultraliga – AGO ROGUE, Team ESCA Gaming

Qualified for Play-In

  • LFL – Karmine Corp, Vitality.Bee
  • Ultraliga – Iron Wolves, Zero Tenacity
  • Prime League – Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition
  • SuperLiga – Barça eSports
  • EBL – Valiance
  • PG Nationals – Macko Esports
  • GLL – WLGaming Esports
  • LPLOL – For The Win Esports, EGN Esports
  • Hitpoint Masters – Entropiq, eSuba
  • Elite Series – mCon LG UltraGear, KRC Genk Esports
  • NLC – Bifrost

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