All original songs in Arcane’s soundtrack

We're going to need a bigger red carpet.

Image via Riot Games/Netflix

Movies and TV shows don’t just rely on visual quality to impress audiences. Music can make or break a scene, and most producers take that extra step to combine their show with the best fitting tracks possible.

Not only did Riot Games and Fortiche Production strive to showcase the best that the League of Legends universe has to offer to long-time fans and newcomers alike, the series’ star-filled soundtrack roster deserves as much credit as its storytelling and animations.

The first season of Arcane features 11-song soundtracks, which all became available on Nov. 20, meaning players can save them to their playlists and enjoy a glimpse of the Arcane as they’re going about their day.

Here are all the songs featured in the first season of Arcane, and also a Spotify playlist where you can find all the songs.

Act I

  • “Playground” feat. Bea Miller
  • “Our Love” feat. Curtis Harding, Jazmine Sullivan
  • “Goodbye” feat. Ramsey

Act II

  • “Dirty Little Animals” feat. Bones UK
  • “Enemy” feat. Imagine Dragons & JID
  • “Guns For Hire” feat. Woodkid


  • “Misfit Toys” feat. Pusha T, Mako
  • “Dynasties and Dystopia” feat. Denzel Curry, Gizzle, Bren Joy
  • “Snakes” feat. PVRIS, Miyavi
  • “When Everything Went Wrong” feat. Fantastic Negrito
  • “What Could Have Been” feat. Sting, Ray Chen

While some of these songs may return for Arcane’s second season, it’s also likely for producers to take the opportunity and introduce more legendary tunes to the show.