Akshan’s passive can no longer resurrect allies while dead in League Patch 11.17’s detailed preview

The Rogue Sentinel is getting his own comeuppance in the next patch.

Image via Riot Games

Akshan, League of Legends’ newest champion, has seen a plethora of changes since his release in July. And in the game’s upcoming Patch 11.17, the Rogue Sentinel is getting more adjustments to his kit, including his notorious revive passive.

In his original build, Akshan’s passive on his Going Rogue ability activates when an enemy champion kills one of his allies, which marks them as Scoundrels. When Akshan scores a takedown on a Scoundrel, he gains bonus gold, all allies killed by the Scoundrel are instantly revived at their fountain, and Scoundrel status is removed from all other enemies.

Riot also confirmed that Akshan can revive allies with his W ability’s passive even after his death if the champion has damaged the enemy within three seconds. This made it much easier to activate his passive since his teammates could be the ones to finish off a Scoundrel, which would, in turn, revive any ally that was killed. The only caveat is that Akshan can’t revive himself with his own passive.

To make the passive harder to pull off, Akshan will no longer be able to resurrect allies if he’s dead when a Scoundrel dies. This way, Akshan can’t just run in to sacrifice himself to kill an enemy that had wiped his teammates.

The developers are also adjusting the damage on his Heroic Swing ability, lowering its base damage at later levels while also increasing its bonus attack damage from 10.5 percent to 17.5. A bug that ends Heroic Swing on towers will also be fixed in this patch, as well as bugs that pertained to his Dirty Fighting passive and his ultimate ability, Comeuppance.

In addition, Comeuppance is getting an adjustment to its cooldown when interrupted by enemy crowd control or untargetability, going from 15 seconds to five. This way, this mechanic is less punishing if the enemy team is able to stop you mid-animation.

There are also a ton of other alterations headed to the game in Patch 11.17, like big Amumu changes, Viego nerfs, and huge Lucian changes that should push him back into the bottom lane. Get yourself situated before you jump onto Summoner’s Rift after this patch goes live on Aug. 25.

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