Comparing Akali’s old models to her new ones remind us that she really, really needs this update

Say goodbye to her weirdly-shaped kama, if that's what those are.

Screengrab via SkinSpotlights \ YouTube

Akali’s update is almost here. Riot fully revealed her new look and ability kit last week following a leak from an esteemed Akali one-trick on YouTube, and with that, she should go live in the game next week with Patch 8.15.

After Riot pushed her big update onto the PBE for player testing, League of Legends YouTube channel SkinSpotlights created a video highlighting the differences between the in-game models of her old design with those of her new one. The difference is… very obvious.

SkinSpotlights doesn’t typically do videos directly comparing old champion models to post-update models. Usually, the channel features videos showcasing new skins and champions using PBE footage. For any players complaining that Akali didn’t need an update, or that another champion may have deserved one more, this video might change your mind. Akali was looking a little (a lot) dated.

To us, her weapons are the biggest difference. The old weapons she used are called kama, or at least that’s what they look like. It’s hard to tell due to the weird, curved handle that doesn’t actually look like it was meant to be curved. Rather, it looks like it was straight and then someone bent it backwards really hard.

The weapon, along with her armor and hair, were very pixelly and not very detailed, and the new update solves all of that while replacing her old weapons completely with new knives.

The biggest difference is in Crimson Akali, mainly because it’s being completely replaced by Infernal Akali. Infernal Akali turns her into a finely-detailed fiery demigoddess, which is a very far cry from Crimson, which is essentially a red recolor of the outdated regular old Akali.

Akali’s planned 8.15 release means that she should be live as early as next week, so you’ll be able to see these dramatic changes yourself, too.