Akali’s new look and abilities have been leaked ahead of her official reveal

League's twilight assassin is next in-line for a total update.

Image via Jessica Oyhenart

Thanks to an uploading slip-up from League of Legends YouTube personality and Akali main Professor Akali, Akali’s large-scale update, including her new look and abilities, have all been leaked ahead of her official reveal from Riot.

The leaked video, which showcases her new abilities, was meant to remain unlisted and, therefore, not visible to the general public. But when Professor Akali added it to a playlist, anyone could now see it, unlisted or not. The video has since been removed, and Professor Akali has apologized to the Akali Reddit community and Riot through a very lengthy post.

Riot said it’s accepted the apology, calling the situation an “honest mistake.” Now everyone knows about Akali’s full kit earlier than anyone expected—a few weeks after the full-blast Aatrox rework was released. Riot has also since released her official teaser trailer, probably because of the leak.

Here are her full list of abilities, as well as her base artwork revealed on the original artist’s ArtStation profile.


Image via Jessica Oyhenart

Passive: Assassin’s Mark

After hitting an enemy champion with one of your abilities, a circle appears around them. When you leave the circle, your next basic attack has more range, deals bonus damage, and restores energy.

Q: Five Point Strike

Akali throws blades in a cone in front of her. Enemies hit by the tip of the ability’s range are then slowed. If Akali has full energy when casting this, she heals. It also deals more damage to minions and monsters, too.

W: Twilight Shroud

This is the crowning jewel of Akali’s new kit. She drops a smoke-shroud for five seconds, giving her true invisibility, which means nothing can reveal or target her, including towers or revealing abilities. She has a 20 percent movement speed boost while inside the shroud, and it expands throughout its duration. If Akali exits and re-enters invisibility, the duration is extended. This ability restores energy.

E: Shuriken Flip

Akali back-flips and throws a shuriken in front of her, dealing physical damage. If it hits an enemy or lands inside of her W, she can cast this ability again to dash to it. This flip can cross terrain, and it pushes her outside of her passive’s range, opening up the possibility for easy bonus damage.

R: Perfect Execution

Akali’s ultimate gives her two dashes. The first deals damage and stuns her targets, while the second one deals execution damage, scaling with how low the enemy’s health is.