Akali can dash all the way to the enemy fountain with her new E

It looks like there's no range restrictions on this ability yet, and that it's not actually a bug.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to laugh, because this one’s pretty funny.

Akali’s big ability-changing, tattoo-giving update went live yesterday with League of Legends’ Patch 8.15. After the large-scale redesign was loaded onto live servers, it took approximately one day for players to find some goofy stuff in her kit. This included the ability to dash all the way to the enemy spawn with her new E, according to a post on the game’s Reddit community.

The best part is that this doesn’t appear to actually be a bug; it seems like the ability is working exactly as the tooltip describes. We’d still be surprised if Riot didn’t do anything to change it, because, well, it definitely doesn’t seem like it was intended.

When you recall back to your base in League, there’s a very brief moment of invulnerability at the end of the channel that prevents the enemy from actually interrupting the process.

If Akali throws her blades at the target during this short window, the recall won’t be interrupted. Then, when they arrive at their base, she can reactivate the ability and dash all the way into their spawn. Sure, this will kill her, but it’s still hilarious to try, so we recommend heading onto the Rift and doing so right now.

League YouTube personality Vandiril decided to test the limits of this very strange interaction. He’s famous for bending the rules of the game to create very, very entertaining bugs and massive damage boosts both in the real game and the Practice Tool, and he certainly bended the rules of this one, too. Using the Teleport and Flash spells, he was able to extend the dash even further to make it look somehow even more bewildering.

The new Akali’s career in League is only one day long so far, so who knows what people will find in the future. Before long, maybe she’ll even be like Mordekaiser, who’s racked up over 160 bugs. We hope not, but hey, at least it’d be fun to watch.