AHQ just played the game of their lives against EDG

It may have taken an hour, but the LMS picked up a much-deserved win.

Photo via Riot Games

AHQ e-Sports Club’s ADC Chou “AN” Chun-An dealt over 77,000 overall damage in an hour long game against EDward Gaming of the LPL earlier today, only dying once—he basically went full God mode.

This was one of five Rift Rivals matches taking place between the LPL and LMS to decide which region would face off against the LCK in the finals on July 9. Heading into this match, the LMS and LPL were tied at one win each, making a victory here that much more important.

Not much happened in the early game, until EDG secured the first Baron and took a clear gold lead over their opponents. The team then attempted to close out the game, but AHQ had other plans.

EDG should have won this game earlier on but were far too overconfident. The team kept committing to fights that were too heavily in AHQ’s favor and kept overextending to give AHQ the chances they needed to take vital kills away from EDG.

Even when EDG killed off AHQ players to put themselves in five-on-three situations, AHQ still came out on top. EDG couldn’t win these crucial teamfights and didn’t work together as a whole. This was their undoing as AHQ were far superior in their communication even when behind to get the plays needed to secure kill after kill.

Throughout the game, EDG picked up the first three Barons of the match as well as the first Elder Dragon. Even with these superior buff advantages, the team couldn’t do anything with them because of how aggressive AHQ was.

When AHQ secured a Baron of their own, it was used defensively to protect the Nexus towers from falling or to grab a single objective before pulling away and respecting the possibility of an EDG counterattack.

In total, throughout the match, 17 towers were taken down, seven inhibitors were destroyed, four dragons and two Elder Dragons were slain, five Barons were taken, and a lone RIft Herald was secured—which is a ridiculous amount of objectives for one League of Legends game.

The AHQ base had been open for the majority of the matchup, but EDG could never group up and find the fight needed to finish the game. Superb defensive play by AHQ was EDG’s undoing as AHQ played the game of their lives to score a surprising win over EDG in an hour.

With this win, the LMS is 2-1 against the LPL going into the fourth match. A win from Machi Esports over Royal Never Give Up would secure the LMS a spot in the Rift Rivals final against the LCK.