Abbedagge instills Fear into FlyQuest, leads 100 Thieves to victory in week 7 of 2022 LCS Spring Split

The Mid-Season Showdown is in 100T's sights.

Photo by Oshin Tudayan/Riot Games via ESPAT

The performances of both 100 Thieves and FlyQuest throughout the 2022 LCS Spring Split have resulted in the two teams often meeting each other near the top of the standings in constant ties. Following their victory today, 100T brought their head-to-head record against FlyQuest to 1-1 and took full control of third place.

100T successfully stepped into sole possession of third place in the LCS by continuing to showcase a synergy the team has sought to improve over the past few weeks. Though they had to take down FlyQuest to take hold of this spot, FlyQuest continue to prove themselves as a powerful foe not to be underestimated in the LCS.

Both teams played more cautiously than they have in previous matches, understanding their tie for third would be rectified after this game. Yet similar to the matches both teams have fought through in this split thus far, win conditions came in the form of the top laners and the junglers. Ssumday had amassed a massive lead over Kumo as Aatrox, becoming an unkillable force in teamfights, and FlyQuest struggled to answer effectively to him.

Though Abbedagge faced the full fury of Toucoulle’s debut game on Ahri in the early game, playing his first game as Vex made him a valuable part of team fights regardless of his gold deficit. In multiple skirmishes for objectives, Abbedagge flew in from afar, fearing multiple members of FlyQuest at a time and rendering them completely unable to retaliate.

The sheer amount of burst damage between FBI and Abbedagge, coupled with the undying Ssumday, took the Ocean Soul straight through FlyQuest’s base. This victory brings 100T to their first 2-0 weekend since week one, despite their performance yesterday against Golden Guardians that almost resulted in a loss. Abbedagge walks away as player of the game with a 92.3 percent kill participation at 3/3/9, according to Oracle’s Elixir. In the post-game interview, he acknowledged to LeTigress that he’s proud of the synergy 100T have been finding.

100T venture into the penultimate week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split alone in third place, hoping to further showcase the teamwork that allowed them to become the inaugural LCS champions. They’ll start week seven of the regular season against Immortals, while FlyQuest will look to bounce back from their 0-2 weekend when they meet Golden Guardians next week.

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