Aatrox confirmed to be a part of future update

Meddler has finally confirmed that Aatrox will be a part of a much larger pool of champions being reworked.

Aatrox will be receiving his highly-anticipated rework in a future update built around “diver” champions, according to Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer. However, it is unlikely that any changes will happen for some time, with most theorizing that an end of season update, or even a season eight update, is the most likely timeframe.

In the past, Aatrox and Wukong were mentioned by Meddler to be a part of this update, but the former was not confirmed, until now.

“We’ll almost certainly do an Aatrox update when we do a diver class update,” Meddler said. “I would like to find some small stuff to improve him in the meantime. We’ve been testing some stuff though and haven’t yet found a set of changes we think would make him healthier and feel like an improvement to Aatrox players.”

This news is welcomed by those who have longed to see “The Dark Blade” return in some form, although any specific details about the changes are still unknown at this time.

Aatrox burst onto the scene when he was first released, but ever since, has fallen down the pecking order of competitive champions, as his kit is outdated and outclassed by a lot of other champions in the game.

You can read all of Meddler’s comments about this update here.

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