Aatrox changes releasing sometime next week

The promised time is upon us; Aatrox is finally getting long overdue changes.

Image via Riot Games

The long awaited teased Aatrox changes will soon be hitting the Public Beta Environment (PBE), according to Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer.

These changes will be more about balance and sustainability until a full rework is done in the future.

These are the main changes as specified by Meddler:

  • “Shifting the passive to a windowed one (proc that grants AS/AD and revive if off CD for a duration, with some downtime). Goal is to offer periods of comparative strength and weakness (lot of the issues we’ve had with Aatrox’s game health have been due to the nature of his revive passive).”
  • “Removal of % health costs, probably a flat health cost on E. One of Aatrox’s big issues is that he’s pretty feast or famine, stat checking people hard with a drain tank pattern or just dying. Giving him the flexibility to build defense more (health) without getting as punished by his kit for it gives some good fallback options/alternate builds.”
  • “Changing the W heal so it’s not dependent on his AD, or as extremely different above/below 50% health. Ties in with the build path options above, with a % missing heal looking like a fairly likely mechanic.”

The news is set to excite fans and players alike, with the champion falling down the pecking order in recent years since his release.

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