A Vietnamese pro LoL team is going up for sale—and anyone can buy it

If you've ever wanted to buy a pro LoL team, now's your chance.

Saigon Buffalo competes at the 2022 LoL Mid-Season Invitational.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

Professional League of Legends organization Saigon Buffalo is up for sale, the franchise announced today.

In a post on the organization’s Facebook page, Saigon Buffalo put up an open listing for the rights to the team’s slot in the VCS. The team intends to depart the VCS this offseason and is allowing anyone with interest to reach out and inquire about a potential purchase. 

“Due to tight financial conditions, [Saigon Buffalo] is looking to transfer the entire team and VCS competition spots at the most reasonable price possible,” the org said in its Facebook post, according to machine translation. The team listed two email addresses that potential buyers can reach out to provided they have the funds. For reference, owning a pro League team is a multi-million dollar business venture, regardless of what region you’re playing in. 

A crowd watches Saigon Buffalo play LoL at MSI 2022
Saigon Buffalo is looking to sell its franchise slot. Photo by Hans Gurk via Riot Games

Saigon Buffalo has historically been one of the most successful League teams to come out of Vietnam. Between 2018 and 2023, the team claimed four international appearances, including back-to-back berths at MSI and Worlds in 2022. Over the last four seasons, Saigon were just one of two Vietnamese League teams to represent the region internationally alongside GAM Esports. 

The team narrowly missed out on a chance to represent the VCS at Worlds this season when they were knocked out of the league’s domestic playoffs by eventual runners-up (and Worlds first-timers) Team Whales. 

Should Saigon go through with a sale and a potential buyer is found before the start of the 2024 VCS season, it’s likely that we’ve seen the last of “Mr. Buffalo” on the pro League stage. Any new owner will have the potential to change the name and branding of the org, as is tradition with team sales. 

The VCS’ two representatives at Worlds this year—GAM Esports and Team Whales—will return to competition when the year’s final tournament begins on Oct. 9. 

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