A fan has mashed up the two hottest music groups in League of Legends

If the two earworms weren't already catchy enough, here's a mashup.

riot games kda true damage mashup
Image via Riot Games

After G2’s unceremonious bow-out in the League of Legends Worlds 2019 finals, True Damage’s performance of “GIANTS” in Paris might have been the most electrifying presence on the main stage. A fan has now upped the ante even further, mashing up True Damage and K/DA for a truly killer performance.

DJ Aqours combined KDA’s hard-hitting K-pop single “POP/STARS” with True Damage’s hip hop effort, producing a robust mix and track that elevates both songs into the realm of giants.

True Damage consists of Becky G (Qiyana), Keke Palmer (Senna), DUCKWRTH and Thutmose (both Ekko), and SOYEON of (G)I-dle (Akali). While Yasuo appears in the video, he’s only responsible for the production of the group’s beats and thus doesn’t lend his voice to the track.

“GIANTS” has more than 7.4 million views as of 11pm CT on Nov. 11, and is on track to match “POP/STARS” in terms of YouTube views. It’s still a far cry from K/DA’s enduring success, having reached 280 million views in a year.

K/DA’s breakout just might have been the catalyst for the formation of True Damage. Both virtual music groups remain far apart in terms of style and tone, but DJ Aqours might have just proven that a crossover between the two bands will be a resounding success.