2 LPL teams reportedly issue fines to players for inappropriate remarks on stream

Another month, another fine by an LPL team.

Image via Riot Games

LPL teams Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming punished their support and jungler, respectively, today for inappropriate remarks made during recent livestreams.

The League of Legends teams issued statements on Weibo earlier today detailing the punishments.

IG said in its Weibo post that support Su “Southwind” Zhilin used “uncivilized language expressions and inappropriate remarks” during his livestream on July 11 that “caused adverse effects.” He was fined 50,000 yuan (roughly $7,147), according to Korizon Esports translator Kevin Kim.

Screengrab via Weibo

Vici said in its Weibo post that jungler Lu “Leyan” Rong used “inappropriate expressions and expressions of uncivilized language” during a recent livestream. The team also said, “As a professional player and public figure, Leyan should lead by example.” He was fined a month’s salary, according to Kevin Kim.

Screengrab via Weibo

Fines are nothing new to players in China’s LPL, though. A month ago, eStar’s jungler forgot to take Smite and was fined a month’s salary after the team couldn’t remake the game and lost the series.

IG and Vici are both battling for playoff spots in the 2020 LPL Summer Split, sitting at 7-3 and 5-3, respectively. You can tune in to the LPL broadcast tomorrow to see Vici vs. JD Gaming at 8am CT.