2 League players secure pentakills at exact same time in ARAM

The only thing rarer than a double ace is the elusive double pentakill.

Image via Riot Games

Two League of Legends players snagged pentakills in the same teamfight during an ARAM game. 

In a clip posted earlier today, two League players who were playing Kalista and Kog’Maw both managed to walk away from a teamfight with pentakills after securing them at the exact same time. 

The teamfight began with Kalista’s team using a bevy of ultimates to start a battle in the center of the map. As Kog’Maw’s team tried to make a counterattack, both they and the Kalista player hung back and snatched up two early kills from the backline. 

With the fight teetering on a knife’s edge, the Kalista player managed to do a strong amount of kiting and attack-moving thanks to the champion’s passive, Martial Poise. In total, the player managed to bounce Kalista around the map 18 times via her passive throughout the course of the 28-second encounter. 

Toward the final stage of the teamfight, the Kog’Maw player’s team had a three-to-two numbers advantage, but they fell to an auto attack from Kalista. The two-vs-two was stymied, however, by one last Icathian Surprise (Passive) from Kog’Maw, who patiently watched the clock tick down as the teamfight came to its inevitable end. 

At precisely the same moment that the Kalista player landed one final Rend (E) to secure their pentakill, the Kog’Maw player’s passive ability detonated and the battlefield was empty. The fight ended with all 10 players dead and only six lonely minions left to clean up the mess.

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