100 Thieves open Worlds 2021 campaign with loss to EDG

The North American side had a tough time against the LPL's champions.

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After securing the organization’s first LCS title this summer, 100 Thieves returned to the League of Legends World Championship stage today following its international debut in 2018.

But 100 Thieves’ first opponent in Iceland, EDward Gaming, handed the NA representatives a 28-minute loss. The LPL champions are one of the favorites to claim the Summoner’s Cup, so a win over an LCS side is a must to prove their worth on the international stage.

Up until this point, every match during the Worlds 2021 group stage had been pretty one-sided. With EDG being the heavy favorites in today’s matchup, many expected this game to be similar. And those pundits were right to think so since the Chinese squad smashed 100 Thieves.

The North American representatives held their ground for the first 10 minutes of the clash. But then, jungler Jiejie and mid laner Scout’s unmatched aggression started to turn the game in EDG’s favor.

As time went by, the LPL champions took more and more objectives, destroying 100T’s towers and slaying several dragons. Reapered’s players looked for an opportunity to turn the tides of the match and tried doing so around the 25th minute. But they were unsuccessful. JieJie picked up a quadra kill on Lee Sin, which secured EDG the Baron. Shortly after, the North American side lost their Nexus.

This was just the start of the competition in Group B of the Worlds 2021 group stage. T1 picked up a dominant victory against DetonatioN FocusMe earlier today. That’s not surprising, however, since the Korean and Chinese sides were expected by many to spearhead this group.

The group will have one team on top tomorrow after T1 clash with EDG at 6am CT. You can catch all of the Worlds 2021 action on Riot Games’ Twitch channel.

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