T1 kick off Worlds 2021 run with dominant victory over DetonatioN FocusMe

Welcome to the group stage, DFM.

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Several organizations that have hoisted the Summoner’s Cup are competing in the 2021 World Championship group stage. But none have made an entrance quite like T1.

T1 took down DetonatioN FocusMe in the League of Legends teams’ first appearances of the group stage today. The LCK third seed toppled their opponent’s Nexus before the 20-minute mark with aggressive plays and great jungler-support synergy. 

Just last week DFM made history by becoming the first LJL representatives to qualify for the group stage of a World Championship. Today in their first match of the stage, they had to face none other than T1, home of one of the most decorated League players of all time, Faker. 

After the first engage in bot lane by DFM resulted in a first blood for T1, the game revolved around Oner’s aggressive plays. The T1 jungler was all over the map as Talon, jumping over walls, collecting kills, and disrupting the opponents’ rhythm. 

T1 led by 8,000 gold before the 15-minute mark with 10 kills over DFM. By this time T1 had the map in the palm of their hands. The LCK team relentlessly cycled through ganks and rotations, leaving no room for DFM to make a comeback. T1 played as a team, and the synergy between Keria and Oner played a vital role in T1’s victory.

DFM stood no chance against the former world champion team, as T1 took down their base before the 20-minute mark with a gold lead of 17,000 and exactly 20 kills more than the LJL representatives. 

This was just the beginning for both teams. Tomorrow DFM will have to fight NA’s first seed, 100 Thieves, while T1 will try to take down Group B favorites and LPL first seed, EDward Gaming. 

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