100 Thieves highlights Doublelift’s LCS return with off-role Azir, but falters against Fudge-led Cloud9

Cloud9 welcomed Doublelift back with an iron fist.

Photo via Riot Games

After an exciting match to kick off the 2023 LCS Spring Split, Doublelift finally made his grand return to pro play with 100 Thieves—but ran right into NA’s reigning champions. His first test under the bright lights at the Riot Games Arena was against Cloud9, and the LCS juggernauts showed why they are one of the region’s most feared teams.

The veteran marksman had plenty of expectations on his shoulders, even after coming off of a two-year break from the competitive scene, due to his stellar reputation as a multi-championship-winning legend of the LCS.

It was very clear, however, that the 29-year-old has some rust to shake off after only picking up a single kill and two assists to go with his five deaths.

His rookie support Busio was also making his debut with plenty of pressure, especially after piloting a unique Azir support build that was meant to counter the Thieves’ Heimerdinger pick. Although his bot lane partner was able to farm relatively well, his impact was minimized in the later stages. Zven’s Heimerdinger had a ton of crowd control and damage that ran rampant alongside the rest of C9’s composition.

Even Tenacity’s debut started with a stumble after the 19-year-old was solo killed by Fudge, who ended up taking with his exceptional K’Sante gameplay. He was the biggest factor on his team and the catalyst for many of his squad’s teamfight wins.

It was a lopsided affair and a bloody and brutal way to welcome one of the best players in the region’s history.

But no one ever said this return would be easy, considering many teams in the LCS have improved their rosters this past offseason. With newcomers hungry for success, the ADC GOAT has plenty of work ahead of him.

Catch Doublelift and the rest of 100 Thieves in action in the 2023 LCS Spring Split again tomorrow when they take on Immortals at 7pm CT in their second fixture.


Tyler Esguerra
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