100 Thieves creates the 100 Thieves Next program to help develop younger North American League talent

These young players might be the future of this region.

Image via Riot Games

The future of North American League of Legends has always been in question due to the lack of rookies and new talent entering the league. But now, 100 Thieves has created a new program to prepare some of the younger players in this region for a possible future in professional League.

100 Thieves Next is the team’s amateur League program that will take five of the region’s most promising young players to help them develop and build their skills to the next level. The team signed three solo queue players—top laner Tenacity, jungler Kenvi, and mid laner Copy—who are all still in high school.

This is an encouraging decision by 100 Thieves, who has quickly become one of the more popular organizations in the League community. Talent development has always been a struggle for LCS teams. As a result, the region has resorted to constantly importing new players from different regions instead of relying on its own power.

100 Thieves has finally taken the first step to solving this issue by putting some time and effort into growing the amateur scene of NA. Many up-and-coming players have fallen into the shadows, but this program could incentivize other teams to help put some of the youth into the spotlight.

By helping these young players experience true team-based gameplay, we could see an increase in overall talent in the region soon—but only if other organizations follow suit and invest in the future of this region, too.

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