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A screenshot of the End of Time background in Last Epoch.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Last Epoch endgame content, explained

There are three endgame systems to face after completing Last Epoch's campaign.

After you finish the Last Epoch campaign, the real game begins. The hack-and-slash ARPG’s endgame is stuffed full of great loot and tougher enemies. You’ll fight them to get better treasure, then fight even harder enemies for even better rewards. There are three endgame systems to play with: Monolith of Fate, Dungeons, and the Arena.

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How the Monolith of Fate works in Last Epoch

A screenshot of the Monolith of Fates map in Last Epoch.
Many Monoliths await you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Monolith of Fate is the primary endgame feature in Last Epoch. You unlock it in the End of Time timeline after your first visit, but it’s best to finish the campaign first, since enemy levels start at 58. Each Monolith presents an alternate version of the events you’ve experienced, containing several Echoes to clear for rewards. These Echoes are map areas teeming with monsters, including possible bosses or rare enemies.

Each Monolith provides exclusive Unique and Set items related to certain types of equipment. For instance, the Fall of the Outcasts Monolith specializes in dropping Unique Bows and Quivers, while The Stolen Lance focuses on Wands and Catalysts. To enhance your build or craft Legendary items, you’ll need to target specific Monoliths for the required items.

In a Monolith, you can increase your XP gain and chances of high-rarity rewards by making enemies tougher, with more health and damage. To achieve this, raise your Corruption level by defeating the Shade of Orobyss at its unique node within the network. Generally, boosting your Corruption is desirable for better loot. Boss fights can also yield Blessings—permanent enhancements for your character—with each boss offering distinct rewards. If you’re after a specific Blessing, you might need to repeat the same Monolith several times.

So, in the Monolith of Fate, your goal is to battle through short maps for loot, unlock nodes, and defeat bosses for the best loot and Blessings to strengthen your character. Then, increase your Corruption to improve the loot and continue the cycle.

How Dungeons work in Last Epoch

A screenshot of the Lightless Arbor dungeon location in the Last Epoch map.
Dungeons are great for specific goals. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In Last Epoch, there are three dungeons, each with its own special role. They’re great for item farming, but they shine for their unique endgame purposes.

  • Temporal Sanctum: Here’s where you craft legendary items by combining Exalted and Unique items of the same type. The tougher the dungeon level you tackle, the higher the quality of Unique you can use for crafting a Legendary, and the better the loot you can find.
  • Soulfire Bastion: This dungeon challenges you with enemies that deal Fire and Necrotic damage. You get special shields to protect against this damage, but you can only use one at a time and they cost dungeon currency. Save this currency to gamble for rare loot at the end, like Exalted items and Uniques with Legendary Potential.
  • Lightless Arbor: This one is all about keeping a flame alight on your character and lighting up kindling as you go. Beat the final boss, and you can gamble your gold for chests and exclusive Unique items. This makes Lightless Arbor an excellent place to spend excess gold.

How the Arena works in Last Epoch

The Arena is a competitive leaderboard system where you battle endless waves of increasingly tough enemies until you die. Afterward, you land on a global leaderboard, ranked by the highest wave you reached. You don’t compete directly with others; everyone has their own arena and plays when they want, but your score is recorded for a worldwide ranking.

Earning rewards is possible by clearing waves and playing in the Arena, but it’s the least efficient method for upgrading your character. It’s mainly for those who love competing and topping leaderboards.

For regular Last Epoch endgame activities, focus on the Monolith of Fate. If you’re into item gambling, check out the Soulfire Bastion and Lightless Arbor dungeons. Also, Visit the Temporal Sanctum to craft Legendaries with your best Uniques and Exalted items. Finally, head to the Arena if showing off your prowess is your thing.

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