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A screenshot of the player character in Last Epoch inside an Echo of a World in a Monolith of Fate.
Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Last Epoch: How to get the Woven Flesh unique armor

It’s one of the easier uniques to get.

Getting the best equipment is essential for survivability and to increase your build’s potential in Last Epoch. Generally, the best way to do this is to equip unique items like Woven Flesh, which is a unique armor piece. 

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This is everything you need to know to get Woven Flesh in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: How to get the Woven Flesh unique armor

A screenshot of an Echo web in a Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch.
You must be at least level 58 to enter the Fall of the Outcasts timeline. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In Last Epoch, Woven Flesh has a 50 percent chance of dropping from the Fall of the Outcasts Timeline boss, Abomination, in the Monolith of Fate.

The Fall of the Outcasts Timeline is the first timeline you will enter in the Monolith, and like all Timelines, there are quests you must complete to get to the boss. For this Timeline, you must complete The Ransacked Camp and Maj’Elka Streets quests to get to the third and final quest, The Altar of Flesh, where you will then encounter and fight the boss.

As this is the first timeline and boss, defeating Abomination is much easier than the bosses you will encounter in the other timelines.

However, there are a few mechanics and tips you should know:

  • Focus on Necrotic and Physical damage Resistances (this is because the Abomination and many of the creatures within this timeline deal these forms of damage).
  • The Abomination is invulnerable in Phase One. To make him vulnerable and to be able to lower his health, you must first take out the four Vessels (located at the corners of the platform) around the room. Once you’ve done that, you can start dealing damage.
  • The Vessels deal Necrotic AoE damage: Move out of the way to avoid it. Once it has been destroyed, it will leave a large AoE Necrotic pool behind, so be sure to get away quickly as soon as it’s destroyed.
  • He has an AoE Fiery Tail attack: A red circle will appear around him. When you see that, Abomination will target you, so dodge. Then, he will do two more AoE attacks that you can dodge as well.
  • He has a Necrotic Cone attack: You will notice this attack immediately as it bursts out in front of him in a blue line and comes back as an AoE cone shape. Move behind Abomination to avoid the attack.
  • He has a Tremor plus Earthquake combo attack: A tremor will come towards you, and once it reaches where you were standing upon being cast, it will turn into an earthquake. And if his health is below 90 percent, he will also cast spirit decay. So, dodge out of the tremor and avoid the earthquake and necrotic pools.
  • He has a Necrotic Tag (Spirit Decay) attack: He will summon four Necrotic circles that will slowly chase you, and they deal more damage the longer they’re active. So avoid them at all costs.
  • He has a Swipe attack: Abomination will swipe in a cone shape before him. This deals low damage, but you can avoid it by dodging behind him.

If you can avoid its attacks and deal consistent damage, you will find this Last Epoch battle relatively easy. Once the Abomination has eventually been defeated, there’s a chance for the Woven Flesh unique armor to drop, even in Normal.

Woven Flesh unique armor stats

An edited image showing the icon for the Bladedancer Mastery in Last Epoch alongside a player.
Woven Flesh is good for most builds with Leech skills. Images via Eleventh Hour Games/Remix by Dot Esports

Woven Flesh is a unique piece of body armor in Last Epoch that provides 220 Armor, in addition to:

  • Increased Health (two to four percent)
  • (Two to four percent) of your Overkill Damage Leeched as Health 
  • Increased Damage Leeched as Health (between 20 to 40 percent)
  • Increased Leech Rate (between 20 to 40 percent)
  • 100 percent Critical Strike Avoidance.

Given its stats, the Woven Flesh unique armor is an excellent piece of gear for specific Falconer, Bladedancer, Lich, and even Sorcerer builds. While getting it can be tricky, the Woven Flesh unique armor is a valuable piece of gear to get, and one you can get as soon as you start your timeline journey in Last Epoch.

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