How to open the safe in the Slums in Stray

The solution isn't too difficult.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

Stray has a variety of puzzles that players must figure out as the cute little cat hero, and the Slums arguably have the most collectibles and puzzles to solve out of any of the locations in the game.

One of the puzzles to solve is a safe that is close to Morusque, who is the robot sitting underneath an awning with a guitar. If players go past him and turn to the left after the dead end, there will be a safe there.

There is a note on the safe that will give you a clue about where to find the code. If you wish to figure out the code yourself, try showing the code to several robots and see what they say. It should lead you to the solution without too much trouble. If you want the answers or the code itself, read on.

How to open the safe in the Slums in Stray

After you take the note to several robots, they will point you towards the bar. There is a loose painting by the bar that looks like it can be knocked down. Go up to it and scratch at it and it will fall over, revealing the code behind it. Check the screenshot below to see the location of the painting.

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

After you get the code, go back to the safe. Enter code 1283 and the safe will unlock, revealing one of the music sheets inside. This music sheet will help you complete the achievement that tasks the player with finding all of them. Return the music sheet to Morosque and if you’ve collected them all in order, this would be the last music sheet you’d need.